Are you getting expected cost savings from your Azure Infrastructure as a service? 

AzureNow gives you expected cost savings by mitigating wasteful expenses.This is done by providing you real-time visibility and control over Azure spend.


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As adoption to Azure accelerate, many organizations are migrating to Azure without proper management and governance in place. One of the major cost items in Azure is virtual machines (VMs). Improper management, results in expensive wastes that are attributed to lack of management, visibility, controls, and governance of their Azure instance. Our ServiceNow based Azure management and governance solution, mitigates majority of these problems and these wasteful expenses saving companies, providing an average ROI of over 100% within the first year.

The most expensive asset on Azure is Virtual Machine (VM). Our solution provides best ROI by mitigating three common and high-cost wasteful expenses on VM. They are:

  1. Duplicate Provisioning of VM
  2. Oversized provisioning of VM and
  3. Forgetting to turn off a VM after it’s intended use or lifetime.

provides real-time visibility and control over the Azure spend.

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Bleeding $$ with Azure using ServiceNow?

Many ServiceNow customers using Azure VMs and wasting money month after month, due to:


Soltrix AzureNow provides real-time visibility and control over the Azure spend.  Our average customer saves $50k year by implementing AzureNow on the ServiceNow platform.  Implementation is fast and painless.

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