About AzureNow

ServiceNow based cost management and wasteful expense mitigation product for managing costs of Azure Virtual Machines. Workflow based management and governance through AzureNow provides visibility to your VM spend and tools to control those expenses.

About AzureNow

Other cloud infrastructure cost management solutions are stand-alone solutions that require expensive implementations and support. AzureNow is a plug-in on your ServiceNow platform that can be implemented within 2-3 days at much less cost.

How does AzureNow cut waste?

For most companies, VMs are most expensive assets on their Azure infrastructure as a service. Most common problems on VMs like duplication, oversizing and forgetting to turn off VMs cost companies $$ that can be avoided and are addressed by AzureNow. ROI from our solution is over 100% within the first year alone.

Pre-requisite for our solution to work

The following ServiceNow components are required for AzureNow to work:

  • ITSM standard version (Request and CMDB)
  • Service Portal

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